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Selina's Jewelry is one of the popular online vendor in Los Angeles for South Indian Jewelry. We Offer high quality and one of a kind pieces to meet the needs of today's modern woman.

  • Please apply makeup, hairspray, lotions and other cosmetics before putting on my jewelry.

  • Best practice to take off my bracelets and rings before washing my hands, and always keep jewelry away from water and soap, as well as detergents and deodorants. Water is especially harmful for any jewelry.

  • Perfume can cause discoloration on jewelry. Wait at least five minutes after applying perfume before you put on your jewelry.

  • Be sure to take off all your jewelry before having your hair colored and before a workout. Sweat and water are both harmful for jewelry, so keep your jewelry dry to extend its lifetime.

  • Please store my jewelry away from the sun so the colors don’t fade over time.

  • Store each piece individually in a velvet pouch or in plastic because these materials help protect against scratches.

  • Laying jewelry directly on a hard surface might seem harmless, but keeping it on fabric or plastic will keep it from showing signs of wear.

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